Our ROCKIN’ Classes for Kids!

We Rock the Spectrum – Oakville offers classes for children with special needs and children who are typically developing.

See below for current classes and times.

Toddler Yoga

Toddler Yoga

Join ConnectedPrana Yoga as you learn about your toddler’s emerging personality through song, dance, and gentle yoga as you strengthen your connection. Breathing techniques will be introduced to set a healthy foundation. As the attention spans of young children are unpredictable, their focus on the class may fluctuate, and that’s OKAY! Go with the flow and leave with an open heart.

  • Class includes 30 min play in the gym and yoga pose card.
  • Age: 12 month – 3 years
  • $15 per child

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Toddler Time

Join us and play with other kids in our low-capacity toddler socialization program. Enjoy gym play, new themed crafts every week, sensory play, and storytime.​ Join the conversation with our monthly experts and discuss topics like toddler development, speech, sensory and motor play, and more.

  • For kids ages 1 – 3 years old
  • $25 per class
  • Includes 1 hr play in the gym, themed sensory play, and arts & crafts

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SKILLS Classes

Our skills classes are offered through Dream Team ABA. These classes focus on social communication and sensory development for varying age groups.

Fun With Friends (Ages 4 – 7/6 – 10)

Join the band by following along with a variety of percussion instruments. By working together to achieve harmony the children will develop negotiation, appropriate protesting, and conversational skills. Board games, active games, and basic music education will be incorporated. 3 options for participation based on your child’s age and development.

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Rock Band (Ages 10+)

Older children and youth will explore age-appropriate instruments while enjoying time with friends. This group will vary based on the needs of participants from a leisure/respite session to a percussion circle. Drop-off is encouraged to build independence and functional communication skills.

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Occupational Therapy Classes

Mom & Baby 

It’s hard not to be bombarded by all of the STUFF and the ADVICE when you become a new parent. Come and learn about how you can support your child’s development in SIMPLE ways, feel empowered in your relationship with your baby, and connect with other mamas to build your village. Learn from an occupational therapist with 9 years of pediatric experience, and fellow mom or preemie twins and a spicy preschooler.

TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: gross motor milestones, attachment, play, feeding, sleep, sensory development and more!

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Sensory Workshops

Sensory processing seems to be a hot buzzword these days. Many children on the spectrum will experience differences in how they process sensory information from their environment from their environment and body. But did you also know that about 1 in 5 people are considered to be highly sensitive individuals in general? Did you also know we ALL have UNIQUE sensory needs that impact our regulation in daily life? Come learn more about a process that affects US ALL and be empowered with knowledge to support your INDIVIDUAL child!

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